About Izzy

Isabelle “Izzy” Miller

Born in Berkeley, CA. Izzy grew up in the Bay Area as part of a large, eclectic family. Her earliest art memory is winning a first grade coloring contest for a crayon drawing of her dog eating. Noted was not the skill of the artist, but the sheer love of the dog that was expressed in the work. Throughout her young life, Izzy loved art and by High School her art classes were one of her two reasons for attending school. Art and an enthusiastic social life. Moving into adulthood, Izzy convinced herself that life as an artist wouldn’t pay the bills. Rather than starve, she chose respiratory therapy. As a Respiratory Therapist, Izzy helped thousands of people to breathe easier…literally.

But it was her travels around the world, and in particular to Western Europe that rekindled Izzy’s love of art and color. She experienced many cultures, breathtaking scenery and passionate people. And along the way she collected many lifelong friends.  After living in San Diego, the Pacific Northwest, Europe and New England, Izzy has returned to her beloved San Diego and has at last given in to her passion for all aspects of art. Izzy embraces art in all forms, but has particular fondness for acrylic paint, charcoal and conté crayon. Her travels and love of color show in the style of her works, but most particularly in her larger pieces. Standing before one of these canvases brings you into their world of movement, reflection, color and vitality. Bringing the viewer into her colorful world is Izzy’s goal when she creates a piece, no matter the size.

Izzy’s passion for learning continues in her life with art. Curiosity and exploration of different techniques and mediums lead her to energetic collaboration with other artists and teachers. And in true Izzy’s style these collaborations bring about even more lifelong friendships and unexpected experiences.

Current Art Education and Experience in San Diego

2016 to Present    Teaching & Creating Prima Materia,

2016 to 2017 Teacher Training Prima Materia

2016 June   Vista Chamber of Commerce   Shades of Red

2015  November     Painted live for Women’s Weekend

2015 Fall “   1210 Gallery“    La Jolla Exhibition

2013-2017 Student Painting & Drawing Losina Art Center

2013 March N.E.W ART San Diego